Sensor Module

Dual Motor Driver DRV8833 — OKN508-10

A4950 Motor Drive Module — OKN508-9

Touch Switch Module — OKN508-8

STX882 Transmitter Module — OKN508-6

5V-12V DC Motor Driver Board Controller — OKN508-5

Battery Capacity Indicator Module — OKN508-3

Digital LED Electronic Clock — OKN508-1

Amplifier Board Audio Module — OKN429-28

XH-M572 High Power Digital Power Amplifier Board  — OKN429-23

XH-M400 Step Down Module — OKN429-21

TDA8954TH Audio Amplifier Board — OKN429-20

Amplifier Board XH-A158 Module — OKN429-19

XH-M372 Module — OKN429-18

Remote Control Module — OKN429-15

Portable VGA Signal Generator Module — OKN429-14

4 Channel Relay Module — OKN429-11

IC Timing Delay Relay Module — OKN429-10

XL7015 DC-DC Converter Step-Down Module — OKN429-6

Shift Registers SN74HC595 — OKN427-29

AR1010 FM Radio Receiver Module — OKN427-28

TEC1-12712 Cooler Cooling Plate Module — OKN427-25

TEC1-12709 Cooling Plate Module — OKN427-24

Cooler Cooling Plate Module — OKN427-23

TEC1-12705 Cooling Plate Module — OKN427-22

TEC1-12704 Cooling Plate Module — OKN427-21

PAM8302 2.5W Class D Single Channel Audio Amplifier Board Amp Module — OKN427-20

D2FC-F-7N 10M Micro Switch For Mouse Replacement Substitute Tested — OKN427-18

Micro Roller Lever Arm Normally Open Close Limit Switch KW12-3 — OKN427-17

3V-6V to 400KV Step-up Power Module Generator — OKN427-16

CD74HC4067 CMOS 16-Channel Digital Analog Multiplexer Breakout Module — OKN427-14

Thermal Protector Switch — OKN427-9

RF Transceiver Module — OKN427-7

TF Card XH-A152 Amplifier Board — OKN427-5

SJA1000 + TJA1050 CAN Communication Module — OKN427-4

Gas Sensor Module — OKYN41236

Motor Driver Controller Board — OKYN41235

Digital Power Amplifier Board — OKYN41234

L6470 Stepper Driver 3A Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Board — OKYN41233

Si7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module — OKYN41231

Wireless Transceiver Module — OKYN41224

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