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XY-PWM1 Signal Generator Module Adjustable PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square Wave W315 1HZ-15KHZ

Product Description

100% Brand New & High Quality

  • PWM Output Can Set Frequency And Duty Cycle Respectively.
  • Frequency Is Divided Into Four Areas: Automatic Switching:

    1.XXX (Without Decimal Point): The Smallest Unit Is 1Hz, And The Value Range Is 1Hz~999Hz;the Minimum Unit Of

    2.X.XX (Decimal Point In 100 Bits) Is 0.01KHz, And The Value Range Is 1.00KHz~9.99KHz;

    3.XX.X (Decimal Point In Ten Places): The Smallest Unit Is 0.1KHz; And The Range Is 10.0KHz~99.9KHz.

    4.X.X.X (Decimal Point In Ten Bits And 100 Bits): The Smallest Unit Is 1KHz; And The Range Is 1KHz~150KHz.e.g. Frequency Display: 100 Indicates Pwm Output 100hz Pulse;1.01 Represents The Pulse Of Pwm Output 1.01k.54.1 Represents The Pulse Of Pwm Output 54.1khz.1.2.4 Indicates The Pulse Of Pwm Output 124khz.duty Cycle:0~100%;All Settings Are Saved By Power Down.

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