Product Model: OKY3317

GY-712 ACS712ELCTR 5A-30A Range Current Sensor Module

Product Description

1.Sensor: ACS712ELCTR-20A.

2.Stable output offset voltage.

3.Internal Conductor Resistance: 1.2mΩ.

4.Output Sensitivity: 66-185mV / A.

5.Measurement range:20A.

6.When the current is 0, the output is the power midpoint voltage, isolation type.

7.Working Voltage: 5V,corresponding Analog output: 100mV / A.

8.Working Current: 10mA.

9.Working Temperature: -40-85℃.

10.Dimension (L x W x T): 36 x 18 x 13mm.

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