Product Model: OKY3318

SCT013-020 Split Core AC Current Transformer 20A/1V 3.5mm AC Current Sensor

Product Description

1.Openning size 13mm*13mm,1m leading wire, standard Φ3.5 three-core plug output. Have two kinds of output type: Current output type and voltage output type.

2.Purpose:Used for current measurement, monitor and protection for AC motor,lighting equipment, air compressor etc.

3.Rated  input: 0-20A.

4.Rated output: 0-1V.

5.Accuracy: ±1%.

6.Linearity: ≤0.2%.

7.Turns ratio: 1:1800.

8.Work voltage: 660V.

9.Work frequency: 50-1KHz.

10.Operating temperature: -25..+70℃.

11.Storage temperature: -40..+85℃.

12.Dielectric strength: 3KV.

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