Why you need a smart lighting control system

Today, nearly every organisation is trying to reduce its energy costs. A lighting control system helps you maximise energy efficiency, and enhance comfort and productivity.

Lighting needs to be flexible − it needs to react to what’s happening in the building. When there’s no one around it might not be needed at all – and you can’t always rely on people switching the lights off.

Spaces are flexible too. For example, you might have a conference room that doubles as a ballroom, or a large office with frequent layout changes – With our lighting control system, you can have pre-set lighting configuration. Because it helps you be more environmentally friendly, it’s easier to comply with energy legislation and building regulations – such as BREEAM and LEED − and to be a green citizen.
Okystar smart lighting control system helps you save energy, and save money:
  • 19% of a building’s energy use is lighting – lighting controls can help you cut that by up to 70%.
  • Room sensors are a worthwhile investment − they can yield a payback in less than one year.

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