Product Model: OKY3161-2

WTV020-SD-16P U-Disk Audio Play TF Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module

Product Description

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  • Specifications:
    Capacity: 32M to1G capacity of the SD card;
    Loadable sampling rate :6KHz to 32KHz, 36KHz sampling rate of AD4 audio,6KHz to 16KHz sampling rate of WAV audio
    Audio output: 16bitDAC and PWM
    Maximum voice storage: 512 voice
    2 module types : WTV020-SD-20S and WTV020-SD-16P
    Supports FAT files system.
    Supports playback of WAV and 4Bit ADPCM format files;
    It can play background music and inter-cut slogans.
    Operating voltage: DC 2.6 to 3.6V
    Quiescent current: 16 uA (SD card is not inserted)
    Control ways: key control, two-line control, and UART232 serial port control.
  • Application:
    Vehicle electronic product, intelligent housing system, voice prompt of medical appliance, household appliances and so on.

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