Product Model: OKY3193

DC 5V Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Test Module Board 28BYJ-48

Product Description

  • Left 1 N 1 ~ 1 N 4 connect to the four corresponding IO wires of MCU.
  • The right black pins are defined from top to VCC,A,B,C,D ( connect to the concentric line,phase A,B,C,D of stepping motor)s.
  • The wiring method for DC motor:
    Left 1 N1 ~ 1 N 4 connect correspondingly to the four IO wires of MCU
    The right black pins are defined as:below is VCC
  • Power supply method:
    Connect short circuit hat,choose 5V as the working voltage for stepping motor/DC motor.
    Take off short circuit hat,stepping motor/DC motor can choose external voltage for power supply via pins.

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