Product Model:OKY3404-2

Decoy module PD23.0 to DC DC trigger extension cable QC4 charger 9V 12V 15V 20V PDC004-PD

Product Description

100% Brand New & High Quality

    1. Uses a 2721 hardware PD chip, which cannot be upgraded, cannot change

    the voltage, and cannot be solved if there is a compatibility problem

    1. Think clearly before buying
    2. The hardware chip will randomly apply for voltage. For example, if you want

    a 15V model,It may come out of other voltage

    1. The hardware chip cannot be upgraded and the voltage cannot be selected
    2. Does not support charging head information reading
    3. Does not support other gears besides fixing a few voltages, such as PPS


    1. You forcibly plug in a 12V tablet computer with 15V, causing the computer

    to overheat and cause a fire

    1. Does not support any voltage selection of PPS gear
    2. General compatibility, not guaranteed to be compatible with most charging


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