Product Model: OKY3212

WS2812 LED WS2811 5050 RGB LED Sensor Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED Module

Product Description

1.The control circuit and the LED share the only power source. Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components, form a complete control of pixel point.

2.Built-in signal reshaping circuit, after wave reshaping to the next driver, ensure wave-form distortion not accumulate.

3.Built-in electric reset circuit and power lost reset circuit.

4.Each pixel of the three primary color can achieve 256 brightness display, completed 16777216 color full color display, and scan frequency not less than 400Hz/s.

5.Cascading port transmission signal by single line.

6.Any two point the distance more than 5m transmission signal without any increase circuit.

7.When the refresh rate is 30fps, cascade number are not less than1024 points.

8.Send data at speeds of 800Kbps.

9.The color of the light were highly consistent, cost-effective.

10.Full-color module, Full color soft lights a lamp strip.

11.LED decorative lighting, Indoor/outdoor LED video irregular screen.

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