Product Model: OKY3065-2

XH-W1209 Thermostat Switch Plate High-Precision Digital Temperature Control Board Module

Product Description

1.Indicator: OFF indicates the relay is switched off; ALWAYS indicates the relay is closed.

2.LED: shows LL means the sensor opens; shows HH means it’s out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay, the display — as high temperature protection.

3.Temperature Range: -50~110°C.

4.Resolution: 0.1°C(-9.9~99.9°C), 1°C(Other Ranges).

5.Accuracy: 0.1°C.

6.Refresh Rate: 0.5s.

7.High Temperature Protection: 0~110°C.

8.Input Power: DC 12V.

9.Static Current: ≤35mA, Attract Current: ≤65mA.

10.Measurement Input: NTC(10K 0.5%) Waterproof Type Sensor.

11.Output Range: 1 Channel 10A Relay Output.

12.Size: Approx. 48x40x15mm.

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