Product Model: OKY3199-1

NE555 Pulse Module LM358 Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module Wave Signal Generator

Product Description

1.LED Output Indicator: Shows the output frequency clearly with LED light ON/OFF/Flashing.

2.Four optional frequency level: Low frequency (1-50Hz), medium Frequency (50Hz-1kHz), medium-high frequency (1kHz-10kHz), and high frequency(10kHz-200kHz).

3.Fine adjustable duty ratio: the duty ratio and frequency can not be adjusted respectively, adjusting the duty cycle will change the frequency.

4.Used as square wave generator for experimental development, motor driver, MCU pulse, circuit control.

5.Input Voltage: DC 5-15V.

6.Input Current: >=100mA.

7.Output Level: 4.2V V-PP~11.4V V-PP.

8.Output Current:>=15mA (When voltage is 5V, V-PP>50%); >=35mA (When Voltage is 12V, V-PP>50%).

9.Size: Approx. 32 X 23 X 15mm/1.26 X 0.91 X 0.59in.

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