Product Model: OKY2256

ESP8266 ESP-202 ESP-01 ESP-12 ESP-12E Serial Wifi Test Board Module for Arduino

Product Description

1.ESP8266 onboard test panel USB to TTL, can be carried out on the ESP – 202-01 and ESP AT the firmware of the test, at the same time can be compatible with the ESP – 07 12 12 e. Can not only test the AT the firmware, but also can be used when the development board, we will also be supporting the android app and firmware, for customers to test. If you want to play WIFI development, as long as the brush firmware for firmware can also be the development for Lua.

2.Product size: approx. 56 X 40 X 13mm/2.2 X 1.57 X 0.51.

3.Net weight: approx. 43g.

4.The test plate is simple to use video tutorial.

5.Simple to use the at command video tutorial.

6.The compiler IOT project video tutorial.

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