Product Model:OKN424-16

Turntable Water Lamp Red Led Lottery DIY Assembly Electronic Kits Educational

Product Description

1.Product describe: The product consists of 10pcs 5mm red light-emitting diodes. After pressing the switch, the LED lights flash rapidly in turn, and randomly stays after a few seconds. One of the LEDS is on and the other LEDS are off. This formed a lucky turntable.

2.Principle of the circuit:LED electronic lucky turntable consists of NE555 and CD4017 decimal counter / pulse distributor. 10 light-emitting diodes simulate a lucky object.

3.Welding skills:The resistor does not distinguish between positive and negative electrodes; the long pin of the capacitor is positive; the long pin of the LED are positive;

4.The integrated circuit is first installed with a socket, and the chip is installed after the circuit is completely installed.

5.Note that the chip notch position is installed facing the circuit board notch mark.

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