Product Model: OKYN401-40

12V/24V 7A 160W Dual DC Motor Drive Module H Bridge L298

Product Description


  1. The Motor Controller Board Adopts Dual H Bridge,Single 7A Current,High Power,Can Drive Two DC Motors At The Same Time.
  2. DC Motor Driver Output Current Of Each Port Is 7A,Total Output Power Is 160W.
  3. L298 Dual H Bridge Motor Speed Controller Enable Signal Terminal (ENA) Input PWM Can Regulate Speed,PWM Frequency Range 0-10KHZ.
  4. The IN1,IN2/IN3,IN4 Port Can Control Forward Or Reverse Motor Rotation.
  5. Single Optocoupler Isolation Input,The Motor Driver Module Is With Under Voltage Protection To Prevent Instantaneous Large Current From Damaging The Module.

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