Product Model: OKY3375-1

Bluetooth Module HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 CC2540 TI CC2541 Module For Arduino

Product Description

1.This module is a very affordable solution for Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0.

2.It connects with your MCU through the UART port.

3.It supports Central and Peripheral mode switch, easy to modify by AT commander.It can be easily used with Android phones and Iphones, PCs, any other Bluetooth device for wireless serial communication (UART).

4.This module can be configured in master, slave and master-slave mode.

5.The Bluetooth module uses the CSR BlueCore or TI CC2541 chip.

6.The Base board comes with anti reverse circuit to avoid accidental power plug in the module and a logic level conversion circuit.

7.The power can be adjusted -23dbm, -6dbm, 0dbm, 6dbm, through an AT Command (AT+POWER).

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